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Puerto Vallarta Condo rentals

Start making plans for a fun-and-sun filled holiday in Puerto Vallarta, and you’ll find that all the travel tips and tour guides recommend you take a hat (they don’t always remind you to wear said head gear, but that advice is assumed). Read the information about Puerto Vallarta villa rentals, and it’s the same thing: “All you need is a hat and a toothbrush.” (This is only partially true, as most beaches prefer some sort of swimwear.) In any case, there seems to be a distinct sense among those in the know that wearing a hat can make your Mexico vacation a more rewarding experience. And who wants to argue with those who know? Actually, wise visitors step out of their Puerto Vallarta villa rentals in daylight hours wearing some sort of personal shade. This is a sunny spot on the globe, and even the most ardent of sun lovers can be surprised at the intensity of the rays.