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Apartment Hunting in Puerto Vallarta!!! | Mexico Vlog

Searching for an (affordable) apartment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Video includes 3 apartments:

1st Apartment:
Location- 5 de Diciembre
11,500 pesos or $575/month
*Found on FB group

2nd Apartment:
Location- Versalles
12,000 pesos or $600/month
Air Con
In-unit laundry
*Found by walking around and looking for “se renta” signs*

3rd Apartment:
Location- Versalles
8,000 pesos or $400/month
Outdoor pool
In-unit laundry
*Found by walking around and looking for “se renta” signs*

We ended up finding an apartment through the connection at the 3rd apartment (he had multiple properties). *apartment tour coming soon*

Note: we had a local friend help with the process and we both speak (some) Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish (or a local to help), I recommend using a realtor or FB groups.

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Los 10 hoteles con mejor relación CALIDAD-PRECIO de Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta es una ciudad en la costa del Pacífico mexicano en el estado de Jalisco. Es famoso por sus paradisíacas playas, los deportes acuáticos y la vida nocturna. En el centro con adoquines, se encuentra la adornada iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, además de tiendas de moda y una variedad de restaurantes y bares. El Malecón es un paseo costero con esculturas contemporáneas, bares, salones y clubes nocturno.

Los precios y descuentos de los hoteles son variables dependiendo de muchos factores, por lo que puede que a momento de que veas este vídeo no sean las mejores opciones.

No vendemos planes de viajes.

Supermarket prices (Puerto Vallarta and greater areas) | COST OF LIVING IN MEXICO

Reader question: Hi Trisha! I am thinking to move to Mexico. Do you think $2,000 USD per month is enough budget? I know you live in Vallarta so if you can give me an idea of prices there (especially food and groceries), I will really appreciate it! Thank you!
– Mayra Thompson, USA


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#CostofLivingInMexico #MexicoCostofLiving

The Best Beach in Puerto Vallarta!

In today’s Puerto Vallarta vlog we visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta: Playa las Gemelas!

100% Mexican Coffee

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Puerto Vallarta Coffee & Headlines • April 7, 2021

Senior vaccination continues in Puerto Vallarta with a few glitches. A new Covid-19 vaccine is authorized for use in Mexico. PLUS, it’s Walking Wednesday and we take a look at Olas Altas after Semana Santa.


Welcome to Coffee & Headlines! Coffee & Headlines is a community-sponsored project produced by Paco Ojeda for Puerto Vallarta English-speaking locals. Did you enjoy the broadcast? Did you learn something new and useful? Then consider supporting Coffee & Headlines by buying us a coffee or becoming an ongoing member at 🙂 For frequently asked questions, please visit


From today’s broadcast:


Second senior vaccination campaign in progress, with a few glitches:

AMLO anticipates that seniors and teachers will be vaccinated by may:

Mexico authorizes use of Indian vaccine Covaxin:


Two vessels dock at the Maritime Terminal:

Five minutes that will make you love Brahms:

WALKING WEDNESDAY: Olas Altas St. after Semana Santa
Is it still crazy with tourists out there? We had to have a look.

Fotos de Puerto Vallarta Antes y Después / Puerto Vallarta Photos Before and After

30 fotos de 15 lugares de Puerto Vallarta antes y después, más fotos:
15 places in Puerto Vallarta with Before & After photos. More:

00:06 Las Pilitas, Playa Los Muertos 1972 / 2018
00:15 Centro de Puerto Vallarta 1957 / 2012
00:25 Miramar / Libertad, centro Vallarta 1963 / 2017
00:35 Los Muertos beach 1968 / 2018
00:45 Parroquia de Guadalupe / Parish 1922 / 2019
00:55 Malecon, centro de Puerto Vallarta 1960 / 2020
01:05 Puerto Vallarta desde el mar/from the sea 1958 / 2012
01:15 Puerto Vallarta Malecon 1945 / 2019
01:25 Playa Las Estacas 1968 / 2018
01:35 Calle Morelos, Centro de Puerto Vallarta 1963 / 2017
01:45 Allende, Malecon Puerto Vallarta 1925 / 2019
01:55 Av Juárez / Juarez Avenue downtown Vallarta 1952 / 2020
02:05 (Playa) Mismaloya Beach 1969 / 2015
02:15 Yelapa 1975 / 2019
02:25 Playa Los Muertos Beach 1965 / 2019
02:35 El Púlpito, Los Muertos 1956 / 2012
02:48 Las Pilitas Los Muertos Beach 1950s vs 2020


Barco Pirata Puerto Vallarta | Marigalante

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My Hotel in Puerto Vallarta 360 ish view

Here’s my view from by the Hotel Door in Puerto Vallarta.

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