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Traveling In December To Puerto Vallarta 2021 -What You Need To Know


Travel to Puerto Vallarta in December 2021. How is the weather in December is it a good month to visit Puerto Vallarta and much more.

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Puerto Vallarta Travel Advisory Omicron

Know the recommendations for this new variant, Omicron COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta

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Is Puerto Vallarta safe?
One of the safest cities in Mexico, and also friendly.

What is the best season for Puerto Vallarta trip?
Normally from November to April, Rainy season stars in June and finish in October. A lot of humidity and hot

What are the COVID-19 restrictions?
We are in green, lower risk, a lot of coronavirus cases, hospitals at 10%, if your flight to Mexico you only need to say you has not the symptoms and If you had it, make sure to travel with 14 days later after you are okay. More than 30 deaths for coronavirus since July 2021

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Playa Las Amapas / Las Amapas Beach…

Buying Property in Puerto Vallarta: What Can You Buy for $400,000?

In today’s Puerto Vallarta vlog we do a little house hunting! While we are not in the market to buy a house in Puerto Vallarta, many of you are! In today’s video we will tour three different properties in three different neighborhoods! Enjoy! 🙂

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December 2021 in Puerto Vallarta- What you need to know?

If you are planning to come to Puerto Vallarta in December 2021, in this video, we will tell you everything you would want to know beforehand.
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Puerto Vallarta Antes y DespuĂ©s ?? PV Before & After 1963 vs…

Puerto Vallarta Antes y Después ?? PV Before & After
1963 vs 2013
¿Qué te parece? | What do you think? ? /,

Puerto Vallarta on a BUDGET, Is it worth the HYPE?

Puerto Vallarta on a budget | Is it worth the HYPE? We were curious to know if Puerto Vallarta lives up to being one of the best beach destinations in Mexico. If you are a budget traveler like us, in this video we will show you how to enjoy free things to do in Puerto Vallarta and get cheaper prices on a taxi from the airport to the centro of Puerto Vallarta. We will also show you our accommodation at Hostal Las Chanclas in the city center.

During a hike to el Cerro de la Cruz we share a brief summary of Puerto Vallarta’s history. The malecón is the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta. Alongside the malecon you will find a handful of statues and art sculptures. At the malecon you can also enjoy a variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Should Puerto Vallarta be on your list for places to visit? Let’s see what the hype is all about! Join us on this travel vlog as give you ideas on what to do in Puerto Vallarta, show you our hostel in Puerto Vallarta and provide prices so you can have an idea on what you’ll spend.
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Vista 360° ÂżConoces su historia? ? AverĂ­guala aquĂ­:…

Vista 360° ÂżConoces su historia? ? AverĂ­guala aquĂ­: – una de las esculturas favoritas del MalecĂłn,

Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta 2021 – Is It Worth It?

#puertovallarta #vallartalife

A visit to Las Caletas Tour with Vallarta Adventures. My honest review and if its worth it.

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Puerto Vallarta Weather month by month

Puerto Vallarta Weather month by month