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Peaceful and romantic Puerto Vallarta beaches

The sea water in Puerto Vallarta is shallow and ideal for swimming, snorkeling and even kayaking. Las Animas itself is a secluded area in Puerto Vallarta that is only accessible by a boat. An exciting rumor about Las Animas adds to its charm. Rumor is that this beach was named after a pirate who buried his treasure and then got killed. According to the legend that treasure was never found because the pirate’s ghost still protects it.

The tourists can take their picnic basket to Los Muertos (El Centro) and enjoy a day sunbathing. This Puerto Vallarta beach is queued with restaurants and bars. Incase you fall in love with this location, there is also an option of staying at the condominiums next to the beach. You will surely be entertained by the variety of performers and gay friendly atmosphere here. Los Muertos is a more popular spot for parasailing. In the evenings you will find more entertainment as musicians wander the beach and play for people.

Luxury villa, condo, apartment, beach and all other kinds of Puerto Vallarta rentals offer the best services, attractions and enjoyment opportunities for vacationers, families, newly-wed couples, and gay friendly visitors.