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MEXICO STREET FOOD – Best Street Tacos In Puerto Vallarta

One of the things we love about traveling is sampling the local cuisine. And even though we are primarily vegan, every now and then we break away to try some local food.

One of our favorite foods is #Mexicanfood and to be more specific, Mexican #streetfood. Great Puerto Vallarta restaurants are plentiful, but nothing beats Puerto Vallarta tacos from the street. There is no way we could be in #PuertoVallarta and not hit up some of the best street tacos in Puerto Vallarta.

There are many Puerto Vallarta #foodtours, but we just went to Yelp, looked at street tacos ratings and reviews, and went from there. Luckily, we were staying in la Zona Romantica where the best food in Puerto Vallarta seems to be.

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