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Cost of Living Puerto Vallarta Mexico $250 to $2200+ a Month Bay of Banderas Part I

Cost of living Puerto Vallarta. Where to find the cheap rentals, different areas around the Bay of Banderas Part I

Secure luggage; No side pockets or zippers;
TSA Luggage locks;
Packing cubes set; Pack more in less space;
Money belt for women and men;
VPN World Wide Online Safety:

Travel Medical Insurance – Includes COVID-19 Coverage
COVID-19 Home Test Kit: FAA Approved:
Supplies, material for COVID-19 Protection:

Laptop; Buy refurbished laptops, your laptop will take a beating as you travel. If you have a problem, just order another refurbished laptop. My laptops usually last 3 years when using on a daily basis. Plus the salt air at beach destinations causes problems with laptops no matter who the manufacture is:

Camera: Depends on your purpose of use. Digital cameras are great for taking images, however, if you want video, the experts recommend “Camcorders” They can take video clips all day and never overheat.

Door Alarm and Lock; Remember when renting a vacation home, people before you had the same key!
Personal Alarm:

Carrying your computer, camera, and plugins on your back is NOT a good idea. For women invest in a carry-on to accommodate your laptop and your personal items. Example:

Women Traveling Alone: You may want to color coordinate your travel outfit with the color of your luggage. This is a trick when making an effort to blend in, to create a solid front of confidence.


This video is part one of an in-depth series on the cost of living, moving to, living in, or traveling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and surrounding areas. I’m Sandy Ingram your hostess here on Budget Retirement Options. I lived in the Puerto Vallarta area for a little over five years. Since that time, I have continued to travel throughout Mexico even while spending phase one and phase two of the pandemic in Mexico. Be sure to subscribe to the channel the coming videos in this series provides details on the cost of living, rentals, different areas surrounding the Bay of Banderas, transportation, and food costs, along with money-saving tips for ex-pats long term and snowbird travelers.

Hi, this is Sandy, and welcome back. Welcome to the lecture on where to live and the cost of living.

Let’s start with rentals. You may not want to purchase real estate until you’ve lived in a retirement destination for at least six months or a winter and a summer. Rents in Puerto Vallarta average start at $250 a month up to about $2 200 a month that’s on the average of course there are much higher rents than $2200 a month. To find a $250 a month rental, visit the online publication Mano a Now, this is classified information I don’t expect that you will run out and tell everyone what I am sharing with you. This is the local’s paper or newspaper and you will need to be able to read Spanish in order to benefit from all the different, different, rentals that are available for around $250 $300 a month. Now in many cases or some cases you will read that the, utilities are included, in other cases, the utilities are not included and we’ll talk about that in this lecture. Now the rental zones around the Bay of Banderas area which is 62 miles long from one point, from the, south shore to the north shore is 62 miles long. Now I always include the