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Puerto Vallarta Walking Tour 2021

Conoce Playa Anclote y Playa La Cocina, Punta Mita, Nayarit,…

Conoce Playa Anclote y Playa La Cocina, Punta Mita, Nayarit, México (02 …

Un paseo por Playa El Anclote y Playa La Cocina en Punta de Mita, Nayarit, México. Visita

A trip over and on land of El Anclote Beach and La Cocina Beach in Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico. Visit


I had been living in Puerto Vallarta and the west side of Mexico. Today I decided to take the bus to Nuevo Vallarta, which is a suburb of the town of Puerto vallarta in the state of Jalisco. Nueveo Vallarta is located 15 min away in the state of Nayarit. I explored all beach area and passed by many of the resorts for example Hard Rock hotel, Riu palace, Vidanta, Marival Emotions Resort & Suites, and many more. I also stopped in the Marina and had some Mexican food at a restaurant.

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Exploring Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2021

Puerto Vallarta is an amazing travel destination in 2021. My girlfriend and I have been here for 2 weeks and absolutley loved it here!

Our Trip Was Canceled, and We Ended up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? What We Did, and How We Coped

We were packing to leave for Cancun the next morning, when we saw two hurricanes beating us there! With less than 15 hours to go, we rebooked a stay in Puerto Vallarta instead, and embarked on the least researched trip we have ever taken! We are glad we did not just give up and stay home, because there were so many amazing things to see and experience! Come along with us to this beautiful, coastal city!


In today’s video I share useful tips if you are arriving in Puerto Vallarta’s airport and want to save money.
We take a walk in DT Puerto Vallarta, check out the BEST tacos and Playa Los Camarones. I also share my tips on how to meet likeminded friends when travelling alone.
At the end of the video, I share my personal story of lost driver’s licence and what happened after.
Watch until the end to find out what I think Puerto Vallarta and people here are really like.

These are my experiences only and I share my opinion and thoughts for entertainment purposes.
I recommend to be mindful when travelling as experiences may vary from place to place.

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Mariscos en Puerto Vallarta?Este si tengo que Probar?

– Hola todos!
Fuimos a comer ricos mariscos en Puerto Vallarta? aun con la alergia tengo que probar?

??? La frase de hoy : chucheonhaeyo = recomiendo = ????


???? El Coleguita Mariscos Marina Vallarta : Calle Popa s/n Local 16 y 17 Condominios Marina del Rey Puerto Vallarta
Tel : 322 276 4495


*** ME SIGUEN ***




#mariscos #puertovallarta #elcoleguita

Living Like a Local in Puerto Vallarta (attempting to fish)

There is one activity that I have always wanted to do in Puerto Vallarta but have just never made it happen…fishing. Today, that changes!

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Malecón de Puerto Vallarta recorrido aéreo completo / Complete…

Malecón de Puerto Vallarta recorrido aéreo completo / Complete Puerto Va…

Malecón de Puerto Vallarta recorrido aéreo completo / Complete Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk Flyover

Recorrido aéreo (dron) completo del Malecón de Puerto Vallarta de Sur a Norte y de Norte a Sur, incluimos al final el tramo entre el Museo Histórico Naval de Puerto Vallarta y el puente peatonal sobre el Río Cuale, el final del tramo nuevo conocido como Malecón II. / Complete aerial tour (drone) of the Puerto Vallarta Malecon (Boardwalk) from South to North and from North to South, we include the section between the Puerto Vallarta Naval Museum and the pedestrian bridge over the Cuale River at the end, a newer section known as Malecon II.

00:00 Start
00:08 Plaza Aquiles Serdán y Los Arcos del Malecón / Los Arcos & Amphitheater
00:15 Malecón & Calle Morelos (Mina & Galeana)
00:25 Malecón & Calle Galeana y Faro del Malecón
00:35 Malecón & Calle Corona
00:44 Malecón & Aldama
00:51 Malecón & Abasolo
00:59 Malecón & Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez
01:07 Malecón & Leona Vicario
01:15 Malecón & Pípila
01:21 Malecón & Allende
01:33 Malecón & 31 de Octubre extremo norte del /north end of the Malecón
01:39 Hotel Rosita escultura Los Milenios / The Millennia sculpture
01:50 Pipila & Malecon (Voladores de Papantla / Papantla Pole Flyers)
01:58 Leona Vicario & Malecon (Escultura “El Sutil Comepiedras”)
02:06 Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez & Malecon (Escultura “Unicornio de la Buena Fortuna”)
02:14 Abasolo & Malecon (Escultura “Naturaleza como Madre”)
02:24 Aldama & Malecon (Escultura “La Rotonda del Mar”)
02:33 Corona & the Boardwalk (Escultura “En Busca de la Razón”)
02:43 Galeana & Malecon (Escultura “Lluvia”)
02:52 Mina & Malecon (Escultura “Triton y Sirena”)
02:59 Iturbide & Malecon (Escultura “El Niño sobre el Caballo de Mar”)
03:07 Independencia & Malecon – Los Arcos del Malecón / Aquiles Serdán Open Theater
03:13 Zaragoza & Malecon – Museo Naval & escultura “La Fuente de la Amistad”
03:16 Inicio Malecón II / Start of Malecon extension (Malecon 2)
03:21 Guerrero & Malecon II (Escultura “Vallarta Dancers” Bailarines de Vallarta)
03:26 Libertad & Malecon II (Escultura “Eriza-dos”)
03:41 Encino & Malecon II (Boca del Rio Cuale / River Mouth)

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