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What It’s Really Like to Visit Puerto Vallarta During Low Season

Peak season in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, starts in December and lasts through April…what about the rest of the year though? This video examines the pros & cons of traveling to Puerto Vallarta during low season while sharing some of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta!

How to Get to Yelapa Waterfall (Hidden Gem Jungle Hike):

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1:05 Pipi’s (giant margarita)
1:27 Coco’s Kitchen
1:30 Fredys Tucan (breakfast)
1:35 Margarita Grill (salsa & chalice margs)
1:40 Daiquiri Dick’s (cold towels & cocktails)
2:01 El Colibri Cocktail Bar
9:46 Qulture (art gallery & restaurant)
9:58 Artepil Spa (massage)

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Puerto Vallarta Airbnb:

Puerto Vallarta Hotel (La Casa Blanca):