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Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rentals – Things to Know

Before you choose your Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals, it’s important to ask questions and clarify what the rental comes with, otherwise you might risk some unwanted surprises.

But first… why should you vacation in this beautiful resort town anyway?

From the delicious and decadent food, to beautiful beaches with dark, smooth stones worthy of display….

To the plethora of exquisite Puerto Vallarta vacation rental homes that are so abundant…they sit seconds from the beach like little sparkly and highly treasured jewels dotting the coast.

You’ll certainly have a buffet of choices to suit you if you decide to visit.

One of the top reasons that Puerto Vallarta is such a great destination for daiquiri thirsty beach goers is that the city has managed to hold on to much of its colonial town feel. Despite the fact that it has grown so much and is such a hot tourist spot… the charm still remains.

Needless to say… this wonderfully romantic destination has it all and your best bet to really save some money is to rent a condo or a luxurious Puerto Vallarta villa. Just let your budget and your imagination take it from there.

Now… if you think that you need to be fabulously wealthy to rent a villa in Puerto Vallarta then you are seriously mistaken!

Guess what… if you want to snooze by your own private pool, garden or jacuzzi overlooking the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean then you definitely can! All you need to do is bring some friends and split the cost of your luxury villa.

This is certainly doable and if you really try to hunt for that perfect villa … you’re likely to nab a great deal.

The villas can range from large to extravagant. Renting a villa might also make a wonderful girls weekend vacation getaway… and guys too!

Some luxuries can still be had for a great price and you’ll know why they say… “the more the merrier.”

Indeed it is!

Anniversaries, weddings, milestone birthdays and family reunions…. Maybe more people would go if it was in Puerto Vallarta?

While hunting for a place to stay with your friends or family here are some key things to look for if you decide to rent.

The following may seem obvious; however, it’s always best to make sure before being in a situation where you’re not prepared.

Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rental – A few Things to Know or Ask

– Is the rental equipped with a working kitchen or just a kitchenette?

– Make sure kitchenware and cutlery are also available.

– This is good to know because some rentals may just contain a hot plate and a microwave, it’s always best to ask.Is there laundry service?

– Is bottled water provided?

– Is it near local restaurants or more out of the way in a private area?

– Does it have ocean views and if not how far away is it from the beach?

(Within walking distance or is it necessary to take a cab?)

– Also always make sure you have a contact number in case of emergencies… such as a broken pipe.

(Yes, this has actually happened to me!)