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Pay It Forward in Puerto Vallarta

There is a wonderful story of $100.00 that made it’s way into a small

village. A visitor gifted the first person, a waitress, with the money as a

tip for good service. She took the money and paid her nanny that watched

over the child of the waitress. The nanny took her pay and gave it to her

landlord who had been waiting a long while for the rent. The landlord sent

the money to the city tax collector who had been banging at the door. The

tax collector turned the money over to the mayor as his pay. The mayor

bestowed the money to the visitor as the first person to ever enter the

village. The visitor left town with a smile on his face knowing that he had

helped to make the citizens whole.

Now while this fanciful story does not take care of the world economic

situation, it does illustrate an important and plausible idea. Pay it

forward is the idea of taking a little cash to help with a big problem.

Puerto Vallarta is steeped with pride and tradition – Lets support this

simple concept and experience for ourselves Pay it Forward. I always go to

local restaurants so that I am helping the local vendors and businesses.

I think, it´s good idea go out with your friends, to have a coffee or beer in some of our restaurants, give the people tips. You don´t have to spend too to help the people hope that things are going to be all right.

Take $100.00 to $300.00 pesos this week and spend it on a non-essential

item. Something fun from a beach vendor or something sweet from a local

store. When 300,000 people pay it forward there will be $3,000,000 to

$9,000,000 pesos moved through our community and we will be part of the

solution rather than part of the problem. Let’s be part of our own

bail-out. As Residents we have the power to affect a change within our local

economy. We can all work towards being part of the solution.

We love Puerto Vallarta, lets show it with this simple action!