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How to find the BEST deals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Home Depot Prices

This video goes over a process of how I search for the best deals on MLS Vallarta, what I think about the renovation opportunities, how to find the best deals and then we go shopping at the Home Depot, Puerto Vallarta.

We will look at the prices on various items and at the end I share my overall thoughts and give you some tips even if you are not planning on a full renovation.

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Time codes
00:00 Intro
00:48 Searching for a property at Flexmls
05:17 Let’s go to The Home Depot and see the prices for renovation project
06:28 How much the plant costs here and how much it would cost in Canada
07:25 Bathroom vanities prices
08:35 Paint price
08:53 Prices for blinds
09:17 Tile prices
09:51 Tips for you to get lower prices
10:48 All for bathroom. Prices
11:58 Other bathroom vanities
12:22 Barn door’s price
14:15 Comparing prices between Mexico and Canada

DISCLAIMER: Even though I am a licensed real estate agent in Vancouver, Canada, I am not licensed in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco. This video is for the entertainment purposes only. Please ensure to speak with your real estate professional and lawyer prior to making a decision on purchasing real estate.

Developer’s prices are always subject to change and prices mentioned in the video are approximate at the time of filming the video.