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Boomers In Paradise: Living In Puerto Vallarta

Today’s baby boomers are not waiting for retirement to enjoy the good life. And even if they do retire, for most people under 60, leaving their jobs means something very different than sitting back and doing nothing. After a 40-year marketing career with major global brands and his own brand consultancy, author Robert Nelson moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and never looked back. Now, in Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta, he shows boomers the pleasures and the perils of this self-described “Jewel of the Mexican Riviera.” Unlike other books on Mexico, 14 different boomers tell their personal stories of how they came to live in Puerto Vallarta, and what their daily lives are like. As diverse in scope as it is informative in nature, through these unique interviews, Nelson shares these very personal accounts of living in Puerto Vallarta and shows boomers how to get the most out of a brand new life whether they are married, single, retired or want to continue to work.